Faslane comes to Edinburgh: Lessons from the forefront of the anti-nuclear movement

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By Iona Soper In 1982, a small group of activists pitched tents along the treeline across the busy road that feeds into Faslane Naval Base, the home of Great Britain’s nuclear deterrent, Polaris. They planned to stay for two weeks. They could not have guessed that thirty five years later, their small protest would have evolved into the permanent occupation of the land and the establishment of an egalitarian, anarchist, community based protest site which has become a hub for Scottish activism, and the ‘front lines’ of the anti-nuclear struggle. Since its inception, thousands have passed through Faslane peace camp, […]


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On the evening of 3rd of October 2017, Edinburgh World Justice Festival and Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan organised and event full of art, poems and stories. Artists from Scotland and Kurdistan came together to highlight the human rights issues in Kurdistan. An evening of readings, poetry, music and art along with the remarkable Kurdish food by Rojava Restaurant had just completed the evening.   Participants of this exciting event were: writers Alan Cameron, James Kelman, Tom Hubbard, Harrison Hickman and Ray Evans. Speaker of the event from Dove Tales was Jean Rafferty, Roza Salih (Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan) and Stephen […]

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Food sovereignty: The tide sweeping away capitalism and patriarchy?

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By Grainne Martin-Wells Did you know that 70% of the world’s food supply is produced by small scale farmers? This global grassroots movement shows a new world is possible through sustainable small-scale farming, dismantling patriarchy and capitalism; yet it is barely seen, either in our parliament nor in our supermarkets. So what is this movement and why is it different? In contrast to industrial farming which creates monocultures, reducing biodiversity and destroys land through overworking it, small scale farming sequesters carbon and focuses on feeding people rather accumulating capital. This will be the topic of an amazing talk in the Edinburgh […]

Edinburgh World Justice Festival 2017 Launches Saturday 30!

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From September 30 to October 16 once again the Edinburgh World Justice Festival will be bringing you over 30 exciting and engaging events looking at some of the key issues facing humanity today. This two week festival brings you free film screenings, exhibitions, talks, workshops and more!  We start with a morning workshop by Friends of the Earth Scotland and Nourish, on the global movement for food sovereignty, followed by our festival launch on Saturday 30th at the Fig Tree Bistro. Local politicians and campaigners will open Edinburgh World Justice Festival 2017, discussing the theme for this year’s events: Creating Hope […]

Kurdish community shocked by police raids in Edinburgh

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By Caitlin Logan  Kurdish community centre and homes raided by plain clothes police. THE Kurdish Community Centre and a number of Kurdish families in Edinburgh experienced raids by plain clothes police officers in the early hours of Wednesday (30 August) morning.   Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan and the Kurdish Community Centre condemned the raids as “an open form of racism” and have said that they believe that pressure from the Turkish consulate is behind the raids. Police confirmed that searches were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into possible support or fundraising for the PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is […]

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Revealed: Scotland’s Councils Gambling on Fracking Overseas

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By Friends of the Earth Scotland Scottish Councils invest £406 million of pension fund money in companies fracking overseas according to a report published today by Friends of the Earth Scotland [1]. The 23 fracking companies which Councils invest in include Range Resources, which has received record breaking fines for polluting water in Pennsylvania, and Cabot Oil and Gas, one of the top federal environmental violators amongst US fracking companies. Other companies include ExxonMobil, BP and Shell. Glasgow City Council had the largest investment holding a £142 million stake through the Strathclyde Pension Fund, which the council administers [2]. Friends […]