The Edinburgh World Justice Festival

31 September - 15 October 2017

Edinburgh World Justice Festival

In the summer of 2005, while the G8 met in Scotland and made promises that have yet to be kept, a people’s movement was born in Edinburgh. Under the banner of “Make Poverty History” a quarter of a million people marched on Edinburgh’s streets calling for an end to man-made poverty through changes to a glaringly unjust global trade system and a suffocating debt burden. The following day the G8 alternatives conference was held. Since then, the Edinburgh World Justice Festival has continued to keep world justice issues on the agenda in our city. For more information, go to or email Find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @edworldjustice
Edinburgh World Justice Festival
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There are growing concerns about human rights in the UK following Brexit. Amnesty International UK highlights the six most controversial issues from the Queen's speech. What do you think #Brexit will mean for #humanrights and #freedom?
Edinburgh World Justice Festival
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Edinburgh World Justice Festival
Edinburgh World Justice Festival5 days ago
At a crucial time for the transformation of Scotland’s energy landscape, Take One Action is partnering with Friends of the Earth Scotland to tour Power to Change, an informative and entertaining documentary which explores existing and emerging possibilities for a radical re-imagining of how we power our world.

See the link below for details on film screenings across Scotland, which will include audience-led discussion hosted by Take One Action with Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland and other guests, incl. representatives from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.
Edinburgh World Justice Festival
Edinburgh World Justice Festival5 days ago
Monday19 June at 15:00–17

Duke of Wellington Statue

COME TO ACTION WITH US IN SOLIDARITY AND SUPPORT FOR one of the oldest forests in Europe - BIALOWIEZA IN POLAND. We need to take our part in stopping the illegal and greedy logging there NOW! We, citizens of Earth, shall not allow LOOSING one of the last remaining pieces of untouched nature in Europe FOREVER!

JOIN THE CREATIVE SOLIDARITY HAPENNING in Edinburgh, which is taking place at the Princes Street, next to the Duke of Wellington statue. There will be ways for you to show support to the Bialowieza forest and to the activitsts on the site. We want them, and the Polish government who allows the illegal logging to know, that the people of the world have their eyes on the situation.
Edinburgh World Justice Festival
Edinburgh World Justice Festival7 days ago
Edinburgh World Justice Festival is looking for volunteers over the summer months.

Volunteers will gain valuable experience in digital marketing, web content production, communications and PR.

Get in touch with your CV or any questions at

Our Values

Bringing together people & organisations who share the common values of justice, peace, non-violence, human rights for all, democracy, respect of differences, independence and self-responsibility, honesty & openness, equality & solidarity

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